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SignVideo at Work


 Instant BSL video interpreting services for the workplace

Whatever your job, SignVideo BSL video interpreting services can help you communicate easily and professionally over the telephone or face-to-face, with your hearing colleagues. As a SignVideo customer, you have instant access to an experienced, qualified British Sign Language (BSL) video interpreter within minutes if not seconds, via your PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone.


You can use SignVideo to make and receive phone calls just like anyone else via our Video Relay Services (VRS) and if you are busy, a video answering machine will take a BSL-interpreted message for you, so that you can return the call.


In addition to enabling hassle free phone calls, our remote BSL video interpreting solution also breaks down those common communication barriers at work that deaf employees often face. Being a deaf-led business ourselves, we understand that sometimes, the limited availability of a BSL interpreter for last minute meetings can be problematic and frustrating. In this situation, deaf employees are disadvantaged but we strive to solve this problem for you. With SignVideo, you can connect to a professional, fully-qualified BSL interpreter when a meeting takes place and be fully involved. Your productivity at work will increase and you can communicate equally with your hearing colleagues without barriers.

SignVideo BSL Video Interpreting

Why choose SignVideo at work?

  • Communicate equally with hearing colleagues
  • Make and receive BSL interpreted phone calls anytime during the working day
  • Use a remote BSL interpreter for small team meetings or one-to-one appointments
  • Access BSL interpreted messages in your video answering machine
  • On-demand BSL video interpreting – no need to pre-book
  • No travel expenses or cancellation fees
  • Funded through the Access to Work scheme

So how do I get SignVideo BSL video interpreting services at work?

SignVideo is available through the UK Government Access to Work scheme. If you already have face-to-face interpreters, you can also apply for SignVideo support. You can sign up for as many minutes as you need, just like you would with a mobile phone tariff. Ensure you work closely with your Equality and Diversity champion in your organisation so they can make the SignVideo service known to other deaf employees and your hearing colleagues also.

How to apply?

If you are new to Access to Work, click here to visit their website for information about how to apply. If you already have Access to Work, you can also apply for SignVideo funding by contacting Access to Work directly and discussing your requirements.


If you are not working and want to use SignVideo at home, you can apply for it through the Direct Payment / Personal Budget scheme. You can use it in your everyday life, to contact the bank, talk to your GP or phone a family member. Read more here.


If this sounds like the solution you have been waiting for then let’s make it happen. Get in touch with us and we’ll send you the information you need. Email ask@signvideo.co.uk, video call at ask.signvideo.co.uk or call 0208 463 1120.