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SignVideo for the Community


 Video sign language interpreting services for the deaf BSL community

As a local authority, council, charity or support group – we ask for your help.

We provide British Sign Language interpreting services via video for many different people in the deaf BSL-using community to support their home life and ensure equal and easy access to communication with the hearing. We are striving to work with local authorities, councils, charities and support groups to promote our video sign language interpretation service and help drive its use in the deaf community.

Doctor or Nurse Talking to Senior Woman with Touch Pad Computer.

What are the benefits to deaf people using SignVideo Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) services?

We are trying to overcome the usual everyday challenges that deaf and hard of hearing people, who use BSL, face in their home life. Imagine the frustration when a deaf person receives a letter from a service supplier (their GP or council perhaps) asking them to call to book an appointment or discuss a matter. No other way of getting in touch is offered and they are often forced to ask a hearing friend or relative to either call on their behalf or attend the meeting with them to translate into sign language. This is not an acceptable situation in modern times and can be very embarrassing for a deaf person, especially if it’s a personal or sensitive matter.

Together we can change that.

In addition to barriers to accessing information, social isolation can be a real threat for deaf BSL users. We can ensure life for the elderly for example, can become much more accessible since using SignVideo can bring them closer to hearing family members and friends, reducing the risk of loneliness and exclusion.


“SignVideo means I don’t have to bother hearing people to make telephone calls for me anymore. I can make all the calls I want myself, to my GP, or even to the cinema. I feel much more relaxed.”
J.H. – Direct Payment customer, Surrey

How can local councils, charities and support groups help?

We need your help to ensure our video sign language interpreting service is known to the deaf community as a tool that can significantly improve their access to communication with hearing people. Deaf or hard of hearing people can apply for Direct Payment / Personal Budget support to have the SignVideo BSL interpreting service at home. They just need help to choose the best plan for them, just like they would with a mobile phone tariff. Users can access SignVideo video relay from their computer or laptop with a webcam, tablet or smartphone. We can even provide a dedicated videophone if needed. All the user needs is a high speed broadband connection or a 3G/4G data plan on their mobile device.


They need to contact their local social services and ask for a Direct Payment / Personal Budget assessment. Read more about it here. You can find local social services online by clicking here.


We also offer the SignVideo at Work service to support deaf employees to communicate equally with their hearing colleagues. If the deaf person is at work and wants to access SignVideo to make and receive BSL interpreted phone calls, they can apply for Access to Work to cover the costs. Read more here.


“My father never learned sign language. As long as I can remember, we have had communication breakdowns and things were difficult. Now everything has changed because I have SignVideo. I call my father every Friday afternoon and we share news. I feel that he now knows me better than ever before. It has made me much happier.”
A.R., Direct Payment customer, Northamptonshire

Get in touch for support or information

If you would like to know more about SignVideo, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) or Video Relay Services (VRS) for BSL users or would like us to come and present to your wider team to show you how it works, then please get in touch today.


Give us a call at 0208 463 1120 or send an email to ask@signvideo.co.uk.