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Technical Support and FAQ’s


Technical Requirements

There are only two things you need to be able to use SignVideo: 1) a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and 2) an internet connection.

Our technology is very flexible and will work on most PC / Mac computers and Android / iOS tablets and smartphones with a front camera. You will also need a good broadband speed – the faster the better!


You can connect to a SignVideo interpreter from your office or home on standard broadband or WiFi. If you are out and need to make a call, you can use mobile data. To avoid surprises, we recommend unlimited data plan if you are going to make a lot of video calls when you are out.

Minimum download and upload speed 256 Kbps

Recommended download and upload speed 384 Kbps

Want to know your speed? Run the speedtest at


To access SignVideo on SV2 on your PC or Mac, you need a browser that is compatible with SignVideo.

Windows: Chrome and Firefox are available for SignVideo Live.  Internet Explorer version 9 or higher will able to run with SignVideo Plug-In added.

Mac: Chrome and Firefox are also available for SignVideo Live.  Safari will able to run with SignVideo Plug-in added.

Need more detailed information? SignVideo IT Support is available from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you require any help.

Email, call 020 3388 0771 or click here for BSL Direct (live video chat).

SV Health Checker

How to run SignVideo Health Checker file on your PC computer?

The purpose for this testing is to check the connection with SignVideo server and it will idenify the issue of connections.

You need to download the ‘SignVideo Health Checker’ file and then run within the same network as your issued SignVideo device(s).

  1. Download the SignVideo Health Checker file here (zip file – 240KB). Please note: Depending on your internet browser security settings, there will be a warning message to let you know that this file may not be safe to download or run.  Do not worry, it is safe as the file is held on a secure server.
  2. If you see the warning message, please click on a small arrow, see red arrow below:
    Click “Keep”.
  3. Firstly, double click on “” to extract (uncompress) a file.
  4. Secondly, double click on “SignVideoHealthChecker.exe” icon. It will run automatically once you have double clicked on the icon, see picture for an example:
  5. The file will run the connection test from your computer, this will take about 15 seconds depending on your computer speed.
  6. Once this test run has completed, there will be a pop up window (see picture for an example on below) asking you to save the dat file. You can choose anywhere to save this file.
  7. You will need to send this file to the SignVideo Customer Service team – email the “SignVideoTestResult.dat” as an attached file to:

Please note, the file will only work on PC environment.

If there is any issue, please contact us.


This page contains answers to commonly asked questions about SignVideo. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact IT Support on

What internet browser is SV2 and SignVideo application compatible with?

Windows users: Chrome and Firefox are available for SignVideo Live.  Internet Explorer version 9 or higher are also available but with SignVideo plug-in.

SignVideo at Work Customers(SV User): Please be aware that the new Firefox v52 browser on Windows is no longer supported by the SignVideo plugin. However, customers who wish to use Firefox can download a different version which is called Extended Support Release. You can download Firefox ESR here.

Mac users: Chrome and Firefox are available for SignVideo Live. Safari is also available but with SignVideo plug-in.

SignVideo at Work Customers(SV User) for Mac: Safari with SignVideo plug-in

Why can’t I see myself on video on SV2?
Make sure your webcam is connected and initialised by your computer. Also, check that there is no other video software already on, such as Skype, ooVoo, Google+ etc.

Why is my video slow and of poor quality?
Your broadband speed may drop to low speed from time to time. Please check your broadband speed.

How do I find out my broadband speed?
Go to and wait for the page to come up completely before you click the ‘Begin Test’ button. Minimum speed required for SignVideo is 448 Kbps for both download and upload. If your speed is below this, it may affect your video quality.

Why do I have poor video quality on my mobile device?
3G/4G signal may vary in some areas. Poor signal can cause bad video quality and the call may disconnect unexpectedly. Try again when you have better signal.

I’ve forgotten my SV2 account username or password.
Don’t worry! Contact our IT Support:

What should I do if I forget my password?
Click ‘Forgot your password?’ on your SV2 User Access dialog box. Fill in your details before clicking the ‘Submit’ button. You will receive an email with your password.

I received a letter and want to have it translated into BSL.
It’s easy! Contact our interpreters by sending email to or fax 020 8463 1131. One of our interpreters will get in touch with you to confirm a date and time for you to call them and have your letter translated.

I want to write a letter / email. How do I ask an interpreter to translate from BSL to English?
Call one of our interpreters on 9100 and tell them in BSL what you would like written. They will type it up in English and email or fax you the document.

I want to call another deaf person through SignVideo. Will I be charged?
No, you will not be charged. Peer-to-peer calls are free because there is no interpreter involved.

Why does my SignVideo show the message: ‘Call rejected – Timeout’?
The person you are calling is unavailable to answer your SignVideo call.

Where can I download SignVideo mobile app?
SignVideo mobile app is available in both, AppStore for iPhone and iPad users, and in Play Market for Android users.

Wi-Fi vs 3G. Which connection can provide a better video quality?
The answer is, it depends!


A general rule, is that a Wi-Fi connection is preferable to that of 3G connection, and will provide a better picture quality.


In some cases though, if you are in an area where 3G or 4G signal is strong, a mobile network can be a preferable option rather than a congested Wi-Fi network of a cafe, or a public space.

How much data does SignVideo app use?
A typical 1 min video call will use around 6 Megabytes of data (sent and received combined). Please take this into account when choosing your 3G or 4G data plan. We recommend to go for an unlimited data mobile plan if possible, or use Wi-Fi connections to avoid any additional charges by your mobile carrier.

How did we work that out?

Recommended speed: 384Kbps = 384,000 bits / 8 = 48,000 Bytes / second

48,000 / 1024 = 48 KB / sec

48 KB * 60 = 2,880 KB = 2.9 MB / minute

So uploading 2.9MB and 2.9MB downloading = 5.6MB

Which mobile carrier and data plan to choose?

Quality of mobile networks can vary in different areas of the country, and may change over time.


We recommend to try SignVideo on a mobile network you already use and trust. If not satisfied, chat to a local mobile store about the best mobile internet in your area.


Choose a data plan that will cover your monthly data requirements, or just go for an unlimited plan for a peace of mind.

What mobile devices are compatible?
You can use SignVideo app on any mobile device running iOS and Android operating systems. However, video calls require significant processing power. So in order to receive the best SignVideo experience, you may want to go for a device with a powerful CPU. The latest iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy S Series mobile phones are both a good pick.


Also, please make sure to keep your software up to date. We recommend to use the most recent versions of iOS and Android operating systems.

I’m concerned about my privacy while making calls, what is the best thing to do?
We strongly recommend to disable or mute the audio on your mobile device in order to protect your privacy, especially in a public location.

What are the Equipment requirements?

Please view the ‘Equipment Requirements’ document by clicking here.

If you would like to receive our Firewall policy, please send a request to